A0 - The Rising Knight

A0 The Rising Knight

This is a fictionalized account of the module A0 - The Rising Knight by Troll Lord Games. 

This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the world of Aihrde, which is trademarked by Troll Lord Games. The characters mentioned within this story, in specific most of side characters named in the towns and specific locations are owned and were created by Troll Lord Games.  This story is not canon, nor 'official' in any capacity and liberties have been taken with various official rules, which might not fly around the table with your chums when you are playing C&C. I am not directly profiting from this story and appreciate the hard work Troll Lord Games has done to create such a fantastic world, without which this fiction would not exist. I urge you to support all OSR game creation companies and Troll Lord Games in specific.

There may be spoilers in this story! If you are planning to ever play the 'A' series of modules you may wish to opt out of reading this fictionalized account until you have completed your sacking of Blacktooth Ridge.  In general I am not going to be giving away the farm, as it were. There may be pieces of the adventure that hold true, but many aspects will have been shifted slightly to keep players guessing when they go off on their own adventure, of course it almost goes without saying that your Castle Keeping may change things as well.

The same is true of the rules of the game. The characters in the story, the protagonists, are a blend of various player characters I have had the pleasure to have sit around my table over the years. Their classes will adhere as closely as possible to the rules in the Castles and Crusades Player's Handbook, but at times they will need to be 'more' than just a roll of the die.