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I woke up at 04:50. I figured this was okay – I would have my early morning piss, crawl back under my double comforters and drift back to sleep. Mid-stream I remembered snatches of the dream I’d been having, I’m not one to dream of celebrities, but I do, on occasion dream about things I’ve read or watched. It was a surprise for me to dream of Henry Rollins, I was never a fan of his music when it was popular. That has changed as I’ve aged. Does he have fans now?

News and announcements

02/18/15 - Chapter 20 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/18/15 - Whoa, long time no post!  I was under the weather a bit and had some home chores that needed tending to. Tonight I have posted Chapter 19 to Those Who Mow.


02/05/15 - Chapter 18 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/04/15 - Chapter 17 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


01/28/15 - I've added Chapter 16 to Those Who Mow.


01/27/15 - Chapter 15 has been added to Those Who Mow


01/24/15 - A meaty chapter has been added to "Those Who Mow", check it out here: Chapter 14


01/21/15 - Chapter 13 has been added to Those Who Mow.


01/20/15 - Nothing added for a week here, I have been poking at TZC5, getting rid of the deadwood that's holding me up a bit and ironing out the story a bit. I'm almost back to where I was, in terms of word count, in December. It is a better story for the effort now and fixing this at the end of it would have been a helluva lot more work.


01/14/15 - I have added Chapter 12 to Those Who Mow.


01/12/15 - Chapter 11 has been posted to Those Who Mow. It is short; the next one will be longer.


01/10/15 - This is the 'Took me long enough' update. I've posted the remaining 6 chapters of 'Of the Dead and Dying" to the site, you can find them here: Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32 and Chapter 33.

Already bought and read the book? Well then I have a few things for you to read too.

I've posted Chapter 10 to "Those Who Mow"

and, probably more importantly I've opened up the TZC5 file and posted a couple of chapters of that as well:

TZC5 Chapter 1

TZC5 Chapter 2


12/16/14 - I have added Chapter 27 to UA II.


12/08/14 - Tonight I have posted Chapter 26 to UA II.

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