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Not mine anymore; I think I’m past that stage of life. Now I have granddaughters, loads and loads of granddaughters with nary a grandson in sight. That’s okay really, I like kids and frankly the whole ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ thing doesn’t really become relevant until they are like 10 to 12 years old anyway. For now I can just enjoy watching little kids be little kids without worrying about them spilling on the rug or destroying my house. Mostly because I don’t give a shit about the rug or the house these days, but that’s what maturity gives you, you learn what’s important.

News and announcements

03/20/15 - I posted a random snippet out here. This is the sort of thing that passes through my head all day long. At any given time odds are that I have some dialogue running through my head and this time I wrote it down. Sometimes getting the dialogue to stop is the hardest part about trying to sleep. Work goes on for the finale of "Those Who Mow". Instead of breaking it up into 2 or 3 postings I've decided to post it all at once. This is not to say it might not be broken up, only that two or more chapters may be posted at the same time. My intentions are that this will be tomorrow afternon, but you know what they say about intentions.

After that, what is on my agenda? TZC5, Shiners and The City of Brass. Not particularly in that order. I've been working on City of Brass a little more lately while letting TZC5 lay fallow. I am not sure why my burning desire to finish TZC5 has gone out, I know I will get it done, but I want to do it right, not get it done JUST to get it done.


03/18/15 - Chapter 24 has been posted to 'Those Who Mow', I think there is only one chapter left on this one! I updated chapter 23 as well to clarify a couple of things, no major changes, just a few tweaks.


03/11/15 - Chapter 23 is posted to 'Those Who Mow' and ready for your reading pleasure.


03/07/15 - I have posted Chapter 22 to Those Who Mow.


03/05/15 - Chapter 21 has been added to Those Who Mow.


02/28/15 - Chapter 20 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/18/15 - Whoa, long time no post!  I was under the weather a bit and had some home chores that needed tending to. Tonight I have posted Chapter 19 to Those Who Mow.


02/05/15 - Chapter 18 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/04/15 - Chapter 17 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


01/28/15 - I've added Chapter 16 to Those Who Mow.


01/27/15 - Chapter 15 has been added to Those Who Mow


01/24/15 - A meaty chapter has been added to "Those Who Mow", check it out here: Chapter 14


01/21/15 - Chapter 13 has been added to Those Who Mow.


01/20/15 - Nothing added for a week here, I have been poking at TZC5, getting rid of the deadwood that's holding me up a bit and ironing out the story a bit. I'm almost back to where I was, in terms of word count, in December. It is a better story for the effort now and fixing this at the end of it would have been a helluva lot more work.


01/14/15 - I have added Chapter 12 to Those Who Mow.


01/12/15 - Chapter 11 has been posted to Those Who Mow. It is short; the next one will be longer.


01/10/15 - This is the 'Took me long enough' update. I've posted the remaining 6 chapters of 'Of the Dead and Dying" to the site, you can find them here: Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32 and Chapter 33.

Already bought and read the book? Well then I have a few things for you to read too.

I've posted Chapter 10 to "Those Who Mow"

and, probably more importantly I've opened up the TZC5 file and posted a couple of chapters of that as well:

TZC5 Chapter 1

TZC5 Chapter 2


12/16/14 - I have added Chapter 27 to UA II.


12/08/14 - Tonight I have posted Chapter 26 to UA II.

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