The inevitable post completion depression

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Shiners is finished! Huzzah! I have dedicated a lot of blood, sweat and tears to it and finally the newest child is released into the world for everyone’s enjoyment. After finishing a book, I always have this weird sense of sadness, like I have lost something. <laugh> Or perhaps it is just trepidation and fear? After a dozen books my skin is slightly thicker than it once was; I hope Shiners brings entertainment to at least one person and if it does that’s awesome!

News and announcements

11/01/16 - Shiners is up for pre-sale now:

Shiners Small Cover

Shiners. That’s what they call us. Me? I’m more practical. I’m the result of numerous genetic mutations that have been passed down over the years and the combination of my mother, father and environment has brought my shine to the surface. I may not be as flashy as some or as useful in a fight as others, but my skills are always in demand. Need to find your missing daughter? I can do that. What about that fifty thousand your business partner ran off with? I’m on it. Once we reach a deal, my abilities come to life and I can see exactly where what you are looking for is at. Of course, knowing where it is and recovering it are two different things. Be sure you are asking for what you want to find. In an age of superheroes, someone needs to point the way. On the streets, they call me Compass.

Or if Amazon is not your thing you can get it from Smashwords directly here: Shiners

Shiners should be available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple on the release date of 11/11/16 as well. 


08/18/16 - I finished Shiners today. Well the 'writing' part of it. Let the editing/rewriting begin!


08/16/16 - Shiners is coming right along, I expect to finish it this month and get on with editing. I will not release it before November at the earliest, I am going to spend a solid 2 months reviewing, rewriting and fixing as many problems as I can with it. As the first book in a new series I have extremely low expectations of how it will be received, so I want to polish it as well as I am able. before setting it free. I have written two pre-shiners stories with the same character - Billy Greer by way of an introduction to the series. These will be released here in September, in October I will start posting chapters of Shiners once or twice a week as I finish them off.


07/04/16 - Happy Independence Day! Or Happy Ungrateful Colonists Day depending on which geographical location you were blessed to be born into. Wait! I know there are some readers who are not part of the US or British Empire, so for you I just say, "Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen." Have I covered it all? Sheesh, holidays can be confusing in a multinational environment such as the internet.

The rest of the news is that I am writing at a normal rate, working through a ton of work issues (as in, 'how to do my job') and dealing with some health problems in a pro-active manner. So everything is normal and things are fine. Finally, now through July 31st most of my books are on sale over at Smashwords:

The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak is free with coupon code SFREE

Collapse, Tales of the Zombie Chronicles is free with coupon code SSW75

Billions, Tales of the Zombie Chronicles is free with coupon code SSW75

The rest of the core chronicles books (2-5) are 25% off with coupon code SSW25 and the non-core zombie chronicles books (Undead Advantage, About a Woman, etc.) are 50% off with coupon code SSW50, if you have wanted digital copies now is a great time to get them for less out of pocket cost. All of the books I have out on Smashwords can be found at my author's page here: Mark's Smashwords author page.


04/13/16 - I am still alive and still writing! Just checking in here as it has been a while since I last did. I really need to post some stories up here as I have a few that I've completed this year, but I'm sort of going through a phase of just wanting to write and not wanting to do stuff on social media or the web. I am sure it will pass...


01/13/16 - No, I am not dead, nor have I fallen off the face of the earth quite yet. I got a new day job and have been incredibly busy with it. No real news to report that hasn't been blogged about or mentioned on the facebook page, except that I had to disable the 'contact' form here as I was getting oodles of spam. If you are just dying to reach out to me, please use facebook! Sorry for this, hopefully, short term work around; I'll try to get the website re-vamped soon.


09/12/15 - TZC5 is live on Smashwords see it here - The Zombie Chronicles 5: Obliteration

Other venues will follow as it work's its way into their premium catelogue. Ideally it will be released everywhere on Friday, October 2nd. Amazon is going to be a little dicey this time around, I'm not releasing it for pre-sale on that platform, but instead will push it up manually around the end of the month, usually there is only a two day turnaround until it goes live with them.


09/11/15 - Tonight I've posted Chapter 7 to TZC5- Obliteration.


08/30/15 - Here is the cover for TZC:5 - 

Final cover - TZC:5




08/22/15 - So I've got zero budget for a cover this time around and I'm working on putting one of my own together, so far I have this:



08/13/15 - Chapter 6 has been posted to TZC5


08/05/15 - I've posted Chapter 5 to TZC5


08/01/15 - Chapter 4 has been posted to The Zombie Chronicles 5.


04/16/15 - I've posted Chapter 8 to Shiners tonight...and Chapter 3 to The Zombie Chronicles 5 as well. Enjoy!


04/04/15 - I have finished "Those Who Mow", the last three chapters starts here with Chapter 25 with Chapter 26 as the last major chapter, although I did pen a bit of an Epilogue too.

As a trial run I'm offering downloadable copies of this novella, you can grab a copy of "Those Who Mow" as an epub, a mobi or a pdf

Those Who Mow Cover

If this adversely affects the website I may have to remove the files until I can figure out a better way to deal with giving away material. What I'm saying is get them while they're hot!


03/20/15 - I posted a random snippet out here. This is the sort of thing that passes through my head all day long. At any given time odds are that I have some dialogue running through my head and this time I wrote it down. Sometimes getting the dialogue to stop is the hardest part about trying to sleep. Work goes on for the finale of "Those Who Mow". Instead of breaking it up into 2 or 3 postings I've decided to post it all at once. This is not to say it might not be broken up, only that two or more chapters may be posted at the same time. My intentions are that this will be tomorrow afternon, but you know what they say about intentions.

After that, what is on my agenda? TZC5, Shiners and The City of Brass. Not particularly in that order. I've been working on City of Brass a little more lately while letting TZC5 lay fallow. I am not sure why my burning desire to finish TZC5 has gone out, I know I will get it done, but I want to do it right, not get it done JUST to get it done.


03/18/15 - Chapter 24 has been posted to 'Those Who Mow', I think there is only one chapter left on this one! I updated chapter 23 as well to clarify a couple of things, no major changes, just a few tweaks.


03/11/15 - Chapter 23 is posted to 'Those Who Mow' and ready for your reading pleasure.


03/07/15 - I have posted Chapter 22 to Those Who Mow.


03/05/15 - Chapter 21 has been added to Those Who Mow.


02/28/15 - Chapter 20 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/18/15 - Whoa, long time no post!  I was under the weather a bit and had some home chores that needed tending to. Tonight I have posted Chapter 19 to Those Who Mow.


02/05/15 - Chapter 18 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


02/04/15 - Chapter 17 has been posted to Those Who Mow.


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