About the author:
Mark Clodi (born March 30th, 1969) I write zombie novels, the series is "The Zombie Chronicles", if that's who you're looking for, yes, I'm that guy.

I enjoy grilling and prefer eating beef ribs over any other form of animal meat. If pig ribs tasted like bacon, I would so prefer those instead. I do this grilling thing once a week out on the 'man deck' as I listen to the radio each Saturday night. It's called the 'man deck' because no self-respecting woman would call that pile of planks laying on some 6x6's a 'deck'. And I do mean I grill EVERY Saturday night, rain, snow, a hundred and ten degrees or ten below; it's what keeps me sane.

I am a voracious reader of fiction, primarily science fiction, horror and fantasy (in that order of preference). So far my 'sci-fi' writing hasn't materialized, but I have high hopes to write my own space opera someday.
I drink. Rum, usually, but I've been known to suck down a few beers and occasionally I delve into the realms of tequila, vodka and Long Island Iced Teas. As for drinking Cheladas, that is purely rumor and hyperbole. Lately, I've started to mix in some home made cider type liquor too, easy to make with the readily accessible bit of technology, so, why not?

Usually I smoke a stogie once a month, last year was a good year, as it was almost a bi-weekly habit. Scarcity means the cost per cigar can be higher and there is a vast difference between a ten dollar cigar and one that only costs a buck. Lately I've cut myself back to Punch Bolos, what can I say? Time are tough all over...but really I like the way they look like the cigars the man with no name smoked in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and the taste sure beats the hell out of Swisher Sweets.


On Writing
I regard myself as a writer, not a full-blown author. (It keeps my head from swelling too big.) The purpose of this website is two fold:

  • To garner feedback on how I can get better. This feedback really does help me keep writing.
  • To entertain readers who like this kind of stuff.

The first book was a lark between me and a friend who thought I could do it, after I posted it up here and got a few comments it gave me more incentive to keep writing, to keep getting better. The books I have finished are all available here for free or for a small fee from Lulu or Amazon. Right now I need to keep my day job, but the end goal is to be able to make a living from writing, even if is just ends up being a supplement to my retirement income.

I like to write in coffee shops, but I have written everywhere from my bed to Ross Lake Resort in Washington state to a crowded bowling alley while my kids threw gutter balls. By far my favorite spot right now to write is at Caribou coffee in Des Moines, just off of Ingersoll Avenue, which is conveniently located across the street from the Cigar Source, a purveyor of fine smokes...

Website stuff
This website is in a constant state of flux, I've come to the conclusion it always will be. I've pushed it into some content management software to take make maintaining it easier and eventually people will be able to provide more solid feedback on individual parts of what I post. As I have time I will add bells and whistles.

You can keep up with the writing updates on Facebook.  I do tend to update that page as I write during the day, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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