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I do enjoy me a good tune. Or a bad tune, depending on if our tastes are in sync. This past weekend I headed out to the Gentle of the Road festival in Waverly, IA. The format for the venue was a group of bands playing one after another on a main stage, not multiple stages. I find having a main stage and one or more ‘non-main’ stages annoying. At best it means a lot of walking between the various stages, at worst the bands are playing at the same time, which means missing one performer to hear another.

A lazy update that doesn't say much at all.

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It seems like I’m not blogging or writing nearly as much as I used to, eh? Looks can be deceiving, not on the blogging part, my life has gotten pretty boring and, if I dare say it, I’ve slid into a nice rut here of work->write->exercise->sleep that I don’t intend on driving out of any time soon.

April, I am glad that's over with!

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It was a rough April for me. First came the back to back colds, here it is May the 5th and I am just getting to the end of the second illness. In the middle of this came the tumor. I found a lump in my chest on April 14th, thanks to my aunt (who perished of breast cancer) and the cartoon "Archer", I am quite aware that men can get breast cancer too, so I rushed off to the doctor's expecting to be told, "Meh, it's nothing."

This and That

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Nothing like a stained shirt

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A stained shirt, perhaps with grease from that fast food I shouldn’t have eaten or with paint from putting the latest coat on the sharn (Shed-barn), is a welcome comfort to me. My shirts have a progression of life that they follow, first the new crisp shirt arrives in the mail (what? You buy your shirts in a store?) I pull it out of the plastic and savor that chemical clean smell of processed cotton.

Con Season is over

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Yeah, I’m a gamer, a fact not too surprising as I’ve always lived the geek life and can’t see myself giving it up this side of an actual apocalypse. Hell, even during an apocalypse there is going to be some down time and what better way to fill it than with some dice, pens and paper and or a card game or two? This past very long weekend I attended Gary Con out in Lake Geneva for the third time and it was great! I don’t go to game so much as to experience the gaming.


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Not mine anymore; I think I’m past that stage of life. Now I have granddaughters, loads and loads of granddaughters with nary a grandson in sight. That’s okay really, I like kids and frankly the whole ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ thing doesn’t really become relevant until they are like 10 to 12 years old anyway. For now I can just enjoy watching little kids be little kids without worrying about them spilling on the rug or destroying my house. Mostly because I don’t give a shit about the rug or the house these days, but that’s what maturity gives you, you learn what’s important.


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