Taking care

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I've had some work done recently. I must admit it has thrown my game off big time. I am one of 'those' people who take the minimum sick time off to recover, when I probably should just go 'all in' and take a week. Hence, my recoveries tend to take longer, making me scratch my head and wonder why I am not bouncing back as fast as I used to. I closer to death now than birth (probably) and that is a scary thought. Where has my 'middle age' gone? At 47, I guess I am stuck in the middle of it, living it, so to speak. But 47 is the new 30. Or the new 60 or something along those lines.

The inevitable post completion depression

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Shiners is finished! Huzzah! I have dedicated a lot of blood, sweat and tears to it and finally the newest child is released into the world for everyone’s enjoyment. After finishing a book, I always have this weird sense of sadness, like I have lost something. <laugh> Or perhaps it is just trepidation and fear? After a dozen books my skin is slightly thicker than it once was; I hope Shiners brings entertainment to at least one person and if it does that’s awesome!

Slogging along and loving it

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Right now I am deep into editing of Shiners. The first go around gets the more glaring errors, then each subsequent pass gets fewer and fewer. I am the first to admit I suck at editing. I have had some outside help on occasion, but the economics are just not there to pay 6-8 thousand dollars for professional editing. This quandary had caused me a lot of grief over the years, internally as well as driven my external comments.


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There is nothing like family to bring your head size down a peg or two if you find yourself unable to fit your swollen noggin into your old hats. I went a visiting to Illinois this past weekend for my Grandmother’s 95th birthday and enjoyed the hell out of the family I brought and those I reconnected with at the party. My grandmother is still in excellent health, in fact she still passed her driving exam this year and has a valid license to get around with. Imagine that shit? Will you?

Stranger Things

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Today’s blog title comes from a series of the same name that is becoming popular on Netflix. I watched it the weekend after it was released and enjoyed the hell out of it. It was a nice thriller that combined freaky other dimension monsters with psychic powers, kids, bullies, single parents, alcoholic sheriffs with nothing to live for, the kindly science teacher, government assassins and mad scientists. All rolled into an 80’s setting with a Goonies like feel. I think the age range on it should be 10 and up, but some kids are more sensitive than others.

June Rambling

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It has been a strange June, we started off cooler than normal, weather wise and now it is hot and humid like I'm used to. More rain and wet too, which I suppose is good for the farmers, but bad for the humidity. This adversely affects my enjoyment of Man-Deck-Night every week too. I still go out, of course, but I grumble more. On the energy conservation front the family didn't fire up the air conditioner unil around the 9th, which has to be a near record late start for the season. Also on that front I bought a new to me car, which is....<gasp> a hybrid.

The Showers of May!

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May has been good to me writing wise. I've rewritten a lot of Shiners and got a few more words down on some other side stories, which is nice. I still feel very unproductive though, it isn't as if my muse has abandoned me, it's more like I'm just spinning my wheels in so many aspects of my life that I am feeling blah no matter what my fingers do for my word count. 


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