A long road

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Life is definitely not for the weak. If you are alive and reading this you have probably overcome more hardship and diversity than most people will ever know. There comes a point when there is no point to spreading the tales of woe and sorrow among your peers. One man's stolen wallet is another man's family dead in an accident, or so they say. I have not had any major trauma recently, just a lot of wallet sized events (that ironically do take a toll on what is in my wallet). Fatigue sets in and the first thing by necessity is almost always writing time and that is where I have been at.


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Hope is probably the most dangerous (dare I say deadly?) feeling to have.
Hope springs eternal. Hope remains in Pandora’s box. Without hope there is nothing. There is always hope. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. I am sure someone could come up with how attitude leads to circumstances.

Conning and Spring Schedule

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Spring time brings my attendance to the two game conventions I like to go to. I attended Gamicon last weekend and enjoyed the hell out of it. The first night in Iowa City one of my favorite radio/online programs, The Moth, was hosting a live performance at the Englert Theater. I have always wanted to go to a show, but can’t see making the drive to Chicago or Denver (let alone New York, which is where the ‘real’ action, Moth-wise is located) and shelling out hundreds in gas/hotel expenses for one show.


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To quite or not to quit. It always seems to rear its ugly head, doesn’t it? You get a job that’s decent and then things take a turn for the ‘craptastic’ and you want out. I make a decent living programming computers, I make a decent living writing. Put them together and I have little to complain about in the money department, though I’ve no more money to spend on frivolous things now than I did three years ago. My sister is a wise woman and she told me decades ago that your expenses always rise to meet your income.


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I am under no compulsion to talk about death. Understand that from the beginning of this blog. Death is a topic I think about pretty much daily and wondering what the great unknown holds is an endless fascination for me. Sometimes I fear death; I wake up in the wee hours of the night thinking, “What if I were having a heart attack right now? What if this was the end, here in the dark, alone in my little hole?” Staring into the abyss doesn’t bring any answers and for the most part I am content to slog on through life without worrying about what is beyond the pale. Most of the time.

2013 recap

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2013 is over, well past, in fact and this is my year in review. First the year started off well, I had the usual loads of post-holiday debt to deal with, but it led to a resolution not to spend so much on ‘stuff’ for Christmas 2013. Beyond the immediate mini financial crisis I had a couple of game conventions to look forward to early in the year; Gammicon and a new one, Garycon. Gammicon was in late February and, unfortunately, I got sick and spent most of the first 24 hours just sleeping.

Late nights, writing time

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It used to be that I could just 'go writing' whenever the mood struck me. Barring the core 'day job' hours, of course. Now things have grown more complicated and I can see why I am the way I have turned out to be; I loathe social commitments. These days I have class one night a week (20% of the writing time gone) and typically end up babysitting my wonderful granddaughter two nights a week (40% more gone). Realistically I was never one for going typing on Mondays (too tired) and Fridays were reserved for the weekly errands of grocery shopping, gift buying, movie watching.


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