June Rambling

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It has been a strange June, we started off cooler than normal, weather wise and now it is hot and humid like I'm used to. More rain and wet too, which I suppose is good for the farmers, but bad for the humidity. This adversely affects my enjoyment of Man-Deck-Night every week too. I still go out, of course, but I grumble more. On the energy conservation front the family didn't fire up the air conditioner unil around the 9th, which has to be a near record late start for the season. Also on that front I bought a new to me car, which is....<gasp> a hybrid.

The Showers of May!

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May has been good to me writing wise. I've rewritten a lot of Shiners and got a few more words down on some other side stories, which is nice. I still feel very unproductive though, it isn't as if my muse has abandoned me, it's more like I'm just spinning my wheels in so many aspects of my life that I am feeling blah no matter what my fingers do for my word count. 


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I have to tell you something, I've got these weird wake ups in the middle of the night lately that I'm having a problem recovering from. Heart pounding, mind racing, it's unnerving to go from unconscious to 100% in half a second. Contemplating my own mortality is becoming a pastime for me these days. This morning I woke at 2:50 and knew I wouldn't be heading straight back into the dreamlands. So I got up, read the news, surfed some porn and then meditated around the question of "What happens when I die?"

Just breathe

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I woke up at noon today. Well technically I was woken up. My wife stole into my bedroom undoing the ropes and carbineer ‘protective’ system I have in place like the world's noisiest burglar before poking me in the back. I grumbled “What?” and blearily looked her direction.

“I just wanted to see if you were still breathing,” was her response before she scuttled not only out of my room, but out of the house, leaving me to wander these abandoned halls alone when I finally did rise.

Dead Tree books

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I am a fan of books in all shapes and sizes and types, be they electronic, cellulose or even audio. However I have only made an effort to keep my stuff in ebook form, which I am trying to rectify now. Oh at one time I think I had physical copies available for the first 5 books I wrote, but the sales were virtually non-existent and the effort of banging them up for print on demand didn’t seem worth the effort. I am working on getting the books in physical form once again. So what has changed?

The Hols and a 2015 recap

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Another year has passed and this one has had just enough surprises to keep me interested. Here is a brief rundown of the changes that took place this year.

Mid November - It's dark here.

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Well it has been a while since I posted anything and it’s time to let you know I am still alive and well. Writing has taken a turn for the ‘not happening’ lately and I am far behind where I expected to be just a few short months ago. Why?


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