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I think I've settled on "Obliteration" as the final name for TZC5. It's not exactly what I was looking for so it is still subject to change but I like the word and it fits, 'cause if you haven't picked up on it yet, there's a whole lot of obliterating that goes on in the book. The last book TZC6 will probably be titled "The End of the Matter" Yeah, I'm using all the words I didn't use in the first 5 books for the title of book 6. Perhaps I could just name it "Terminus" instead?


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I suppose when you have friends, even imaginary ones, it is difficult when they die. I'm finishing up TZC5 right now, it will be done on Monday or Tuesday, the 10th or 11th of August.

On and on

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I've kept turning left. So that's out of the way at least. I'm down to about a week of writing if things come in where I'm planning to make them end. This time around I'm going for not so much of a cliffhanger ending. <gasp!> I know, I love leaving things up in the air. My original thoughts oh so many years ago were that once I finished the Chronicles (if such a thing is possible) I might stitch them all together into one massive million word story and I may still do that, at least then, there would be no cliff hangers!

Lately I’ve been Turning Left

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Every day when I’m done with my ‘day job’ I have a decision to make. Turn right or turn left. If I go right I end up at home, typically after a stop at the grocery store for some odds and ends that the family needs. So I get home pledge to do something productive, like clean the gel out of my KLR’s carburetor or organize the basement or write up this week’s Dungeons and Dragons adventure and typically I get sidetracked. Going home doesn’t lead to productive works.


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I think we all have some expectations we are born with that we feel a need to live up to. It’s when I find myself unable to meet these self-imposed expectations that I begin to flail around uselessly. Be strong, only bitch about trivial stuff, be where you say, when you say you’ll be there, be stoic. Nowhere on that list is ‘remain gainfully employed because it is a huge part of your self-esteem.’ No one ever added the ‘work’ thing to my list, I seldom mention it, yet when my livelihood is threatened I react.


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I do enjoy me a good tune. Or a bad tune, depending on if our tastes are in sync. This past weekend I headed out to the Gentle of the Road festival in Waverly, IA. The format for the venue was a group of bands playing one after another on a main stage, not multiple stages. I find having a main stage and one or more ‘non-main’ stages annoying. At best it means a lot of walking between the various stages, at worst the bands are playing at the same time, which means missing one performer to hear another.

A lazy update that doesn't say much at all.

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It seems like I’m not blogging or writing nearly as much as I used to, eh? Looks can be deceiving, not on the blogging part, my life has gotten pretty boring and, if I dare say it, I’ve slid into a nice rut here of work->write->exercise->sleep that I don’t intend on driving out of any time soon.


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