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07/23/14 - I have about 21,000 words left to edit on TZC2. It is going pretty slowly, but I hope to be finished (again) with it by Saturday. After that I will probably start TZC1, just to get it cleaned up too. I probably should have started with the first book, but it has been looked at over and over and over and I feel it is in better shape than book 2 was, so I decided to focus there first. I have a Vampire versus Zombie story rumbling around my head...I might get distracted yet again from editing.


07/21/14 -   So there is a zombie comic out, UnDead End, and I backed it on kickstarter at a level which included a cameo appearance as done up by the artist. As part of the rewards I was sent the pdf and gave it a read through that just left me wanting more. You can check it out here: https: UnDead End (//

Physical copies go out in August and I'm happy to support an artist of J Wright's caliber.



07/17/14 - I'm re-evaluating some of the things I've been working and deep into editing the old works again, this is a very time draining experience and I will not be posting anything with regularity for the time being. When I do post things they will be mentioned here and, probably, via the FB account (though I am seriously considering giving up social media for a while too.) Usually about this time of year I take a month or so off, so this is not unusual. See ya on the flip side!






07/10/14 - I'm sad to report I have nothing to post tonight. I've been working overtime editing my older work this weekend, which is extremely time consuming. With some work I'll be back in action next week and have TZC2 edited a bit better by this Saturday.


07/02/14 - Chapter 25 has been posted to UAII. Have a safe holiday if you're in the United States, otherwise just enjoy a great weekend.


06/26/14 - I have added a status section to the website. The purpose is to show where I am spending my writing time. I do get a lot of questions about the status of TZC5 right now and the status section is here to help remedy that. It should also encourage me to write a bit more (at least I've noticed that I tend to put down a few words on something every day so I can updated the dates and not look like I'm just slacking off.) The 'Projects' are the books I've got in progress and that I am actively working on (or will be very soon). The 'Date' is the last time I've touch the work and added to it. The 'Today' column is the word count I am currently at and the 'End' column is what I estimated the word count will be when I am finished. The 'End' is really not set in stone, but only as well defined as I can make it. For a full length book I like to keep them at least 80 thousand words long and prefer to make them in the 100 thousand range, I will update that column as I near the finish line and I can usually tell when I am getting close.

I did pop open and look at TZC5 again recently and I have no good news on that. When I revisited what I had written I wasn't at all pleased so I sort of axed a pretty huge chunk of it. You see UA II is making what I had planned for the next book in the main series evolve a little.  

Chapter 24 has been added to Undead Advantage II for this weeks reading. Next week I won't be around Thursday; I am heading to Minnesota to do a little fishing and watch the fireworks, so I'll be posting an update on Wednesday night instead. 


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