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04/17/14 - Chapter 5 to Those Who Mow has been posted.


04/03/2014 - I got a little ahead of myself on social media, I'd forgotten I had written more content for "Those Who Mow", then announced I'd do an audience's pick on who lives or dies in the story. So this week is a double shot, with two chapters posted instead of the usual one: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 await your pleasure. When you are done use the contact form to drop me a line on which characters I should continue with...or if it should be all of them.


03/27/2104 - Those Who Mow Chapter 2 is up and ready for reading.


03/20/2014 - I had intending on posting a rather lengthy sort of parody tonight titled, "Those Who Mow", but as some of you may be aware my hard drive crashed and I've been doing quite a bit of work trying to recover the data and get a desktop up and running again. The story was not lost, almost all of my writing lives 'in the cloud' in some form or another, but time spent messing around with uncooperative electronics is not time spent writing zombie mowing parodies, so I've only got the first part of it for your enjoyment tonight. Those Who Mow, Chapter 1 is located here. I believe my computer will be refreshed and ready to go sometime early next week and I will do my best to get the rest of this story up by next Thursday night.


03/13/2014 - The Rise of the Super Zombies, Part II, has bee added to the site.



03/12/2014 - Check it out!

Adrian's Undead Diary - Wrath

Chris Philbrook's series, Adrian's Undead Diary is up to book five, Wrath, which can be found at Amazon here, and is reviewed over at the examiner! I agree with them 100% --  it is a series that every fan of the genre owes themself to seek out and read.


03/06/2014 - Happy Birthday Randy! You've always been a good man and I miss your company.

I have been getting asked quite a lot lately about when TZC5 is due out. Here is my project list/plan of attack as of today:

  1. Finish Fraser
  2. Finish Undead Adavantage II
  3. Finish Book II of Fraser
  4. Finish TZC5

Fraser is all but done, I can almost cross that off the list. Undead Advantage II is roughly 60% finished, but I call that close too, because I never have any trouble writing it, just finding time to write it. Normally I don't push people to read the books not directly in the series, but UAII might be worth a read, the character in that one are in TZC5, at least some of them are. Book II of Fraser has about 40 thousand words to draw upon for a work that will proably end up at 100 thousand words, so again, finishable this year. Finally TZC5 has roughly 10 words of a projected finish of 100 thousand, also doable this year, those are my goals right now.

Tonight's post is part I of a short story I am calling "Rise of the Super Zombies 1" and you can find it here. I figure I might as well cover some of the zeds that make it to super level as well as the interesting living people.


02/27/14 - I have posted Billions 17 to the site tonight. I am hoping I can continue to post some short stories while I get the kinks worked out with UAII. Next week I am planning to post a dark comedy "Those Who Mow", if I can pull it off to my satisfaction.


02/20/14 - I have posted the last chapter for a while, Chapter 20 will have to hold you over for a bit as I work through a few odds and ends in my life. See ya on the flip side amigos!


02/13/14 - Chapter 19 has been added to Undead Advantage. That's the last of the finished chapters I have, so I'd best get to writing more...


02/06/14 - I have added Chapter 18 to Undead Advantage II.


02/02/14 - It's no secret that I enjoy The Big Lebowski and I am mildy aware that the film, like most films, used actors but I am still bummed by Brandt's death today. He was only a couple years older than I am. RIP Philip Symour Hoffman.


01/30/14 -  It has been a good week of writing, yet I find myself drawing closer to the 'head' of UAII at ever moment. Maybe it is the pressure of not having something to post weekly that drives me to write a bit more. Chapter 17 is live and ready to read and as of tonight I am working on Chapter 20, that's only a two week cushion really and that makes me nervous. I know, I had best just finish this on up and get started on TZC5 to get even further ahead...


01/23/14 - Tonight I have added Chapter 16 to UAII.


01/16/14 - I have added chapter 15 to Undead Advantage II.


01/09/14 - Chapter 14 has been added to UAII.


01/02/14 - Back to Undead Advantage II tonight, chapter 13 is ready for reading.


12/30/13 - Part VII has been added to Shiners. It is a meaty chunk of material too, as meaty as a couple of legs, two heads and an arm.


12/26/13 - I have yet again written a chapter to Shiners this evening. I am enjoying kicking out a chapter a night, perhaps I should strive to to the same with my other works? Part VI is up for your reading enjoyment.


12/25/13 - Part V has been added to Shiners tonight.


12/24/13 - I've added Part IV to Shiners. On a roll here. A writing roll. Merry Christmas, by the way!


12/23/13 - I have added the full Part III to Shiners.


12/22/13 - I have reworked and added to Shiners a bit. I've been feeling a need to do a first person noir super hero detective novel and it is best sometimes to let these things out. I have seperated it into Part I and Part II and yeah Part III is in the works.


12/21/13 - Not an exciting update, no new content to report or anything, but I have changed the way the captcha works for leaving comments and when I checked it this morning I didn't have 47 comment about penises or hot women. I am tentantively calling this a success and this may mean I start approving comments faster too (as there is less spam to sort through).


12/19/13 - Chapter 12 is up and ready to read (Undead Advantage II). The initial pass through Fraser is finished, I think it might hit close to the first of the year. Fingers crossed on that! Also I think I am going to get the back stock back into print on demand, probably 3 ebooks to a book, which will fit nicely in three volumes...but do I put them into the physical books in the reading order or series order with the odd books combined in some manner? Decisions, decisions...


12/12/13 - Not a lot of writing going on this week, however Chapter 11 is ready and waiting for you eyes. I am doing a lot of reveiw and editing, if not outright writing, so it is not like I am sitting idle! Sitting idle is very bad for me during the holidays and best to be avoided. smiley


12/05/13 - Back to Hank and Juan tonight with Chapter 10 of Undead Advantage II.


11/28/13 - Happy Thanksgiving! (If you live in the USA, otherwise, well, "Happy Thursday!") In honor of today's feast of overindulgent bliss I have written a new short story, Thanksgiving, it is available for your reading pleasure now.

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