AaW Chapter 8

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Putting the backpack on the granite topped island in the kitchen, Mike let himself be led off into the bathroom for his shower. Dora gave him a set of clothing she said fit her 'bastard husband' a little too tightly and would probably be loose on Mike.

“If you get your clothing off I will toss it into the wash when I do Paige’s stuff.”

“Okay, want me to toss it outside when I am done.”

“Well that is one way, I've seen it all before Mikey and just this morning I found out my husband was cheating on me with whom I thought was my best friend...”


Dora moved up to Mike, until she was almost touching him and whispered, “So...turnabout is fair play, don't you think? Here let me help you get these clothes off.”

Mike was stripped down to his boxers with Dora on her knees in front of him when there was a loud throat clearing noise from the bathroom door. “What in the hell are you doing Dora?”

Dora got up and turned to face Paige, “I knew it was too good to last. Just gathering his laundry, come on Mike give me the boxers now.”

Mike blushed and backed away, turning from the women and stuttering, “O-out! I'll pass them through the door!”

“Fine, you must be the only man I know who would pass up an opportunity to get naked with two attractive women in the same room!” to Paige she said, “Stop gawking girl, he said 'out', not 'take a seat'!” Pushing the younger woman out into the bedroom Dora waited with the door cracked until Mike handed his clothing through with one hand. He made sure the door stayed open long enough for Dora to get an eyeful and she winked at him and mouthed 'later'.

Paige followed Dora to the laundry room upstairs, Dora gathered up all the soiled clothing and when she got there she threw it all in with some detergent, bleach and oxy-clean, then started stripping down and tossing her clothes in as well.

“I will wait to start this until Mike has had a few minutes.”

“What were you doing down there?”

“Having some fun, what do you think I was doing?”

“You were going to blow him.”

“Oh I was hoping for more than that! He does appear to be rather well, oh...proportioned, shall we say? Certainly you noticed it, you've worked with him right?”

“No, I never noticed it! We don't typically see each other naked at work.”

“Now Paige I have heard the best place to get laid is by working in the food industry, it’s common knowledge. Don't tell me you've never dipped the pen in company ink before? Or should I say, 'had the pen dipped'?”

Paige blushed again, for about the tenth time in an hour, “Geezus what is with you? The world is going to hell and you are trying to hook up with a seventeen year old? I mean, that's, that's illegal!”

“Not in Kansas, dear. The age of consent is sixteen, I just can't take pictures of him or it would be child porn.”

“Really? Don't you have to be like within two years of his age or something if he is under eighteen?”

“Not in this state, sweet thing.”

“How do you know stuff like that? I mean who knows stuff like that?”

“It was the line that got used on me when my older brother came home from college and brought his twenty year old friend who stayed with us for a month one summer. I was sixteen. I even checked into it after he told me that. Let’s just say the last two weeks of his stay were quite remarkable for both of us. You know that really does look good on you, is it comfortable?”

“Actually yeah, it is a little loose, but feels nice. Your mother in law bought good clothing at least.”

“You should wear looser stuff, in that outfit you look, well, honestly a lot thinner and far more attractive. The tight clothing just emphasized the muffin top, you know what I mean?”

“God you are so annoying! Mother in you're married? Wouldn't doing Mike be cheating on your husband? Oh wait, let me guess, you're swingers too?”

“Well one of us was. And it wasn't me. I've had my thoughts over the past couple of years, doubts about Roger, but he always brought home the sausage, still some nights I couldn't entice him and he works awful long hours sometimes.” Dora paused, “This morning I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend.”

“What? How?”

“He left early, as usual and I called her up and heard him in the background. It was earlier than I normally get up, so I think I surprised them and her maid brought the phone in, the maid knew who I was, knew Roger was my husband, so in a way I owe her one. Probably I will have to hire her on as no doubt that bitch Marge will fire her if she figures out the maid did it on purpose.” Dora paused again, her voice got hard, “There is no doubt in my mind the maid did it on purpose, either to hurt me or Marge I am sure, but it didn't hurt me. It freed me. Infidelity means I get half of everything Roger owns, it’s in my prenuptial agreement. That maid and Marge just made me a wealthy woman.”

“If you can collect. Things are going to hell out here now. Uh, I don't want to ruin this or anything, you have a good thought going, but wouldn't it be bad if you cheated too? Like with Mike?”

“Oh who would tell?” she eyed Paige, “You wouldn't! You would! Why? It would serve him right.”

“Mike or your Roger? You'd be using Mike to make yourself feel better, not to mean anything to Mike.”

“You think Mike would care? Men don't mind being used in that manner, trust me.”

Paige shrugged her shoulders to concede the point, “Most women don't either, when you come down to it, but it doesn't make it right.”

Dora had undressed to her bra and panties, she reached around and undid her bra, which caused Paige to turn away.

“Jesus! You can't win the argument by getting naked!”

“We're fighting? We're not fighting Paige! We are talking about things. And the human body is a wonderful thing, not something to be hidden away and repressed. Plus you've seen it all before.”

“No, I haven't seen yours before and I'd like to keep it that way!”

“Prude!” Dora teased, now nude she brushed past Paige went down the hall and into the master bedroom. “We can talk while I shower if you come sit in the bathroom with me. The door is frosted so you won't see anything you don't want to see.”

Paige went, wondering how this insane woman kept getting her to follow wherever she went.

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