The Zombie Nation

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Twenty three years after the outbreak the zombies rule the earth. In some places small remnants of humanity still hold against the tide, in others a living human hasn't been seen for more than two decades. On the west coast of North America super zombies have stabilized the last large group of humans and co-exist with them under a series of laws that keep the living oppressed, but alive.

The very fabric of this new society is built on blood, the blood the living feed the dead to bring them back to a semblance of their former humanity. In return the living are protected from all the rest of the beasts out in the world and more beasts have come out into the moonlight as humanities’ time wanes. The ruler ship of the zombies is held together by a web of bloodlines; of the three dominate lines, only one has maintained its patriarch, giving it dominating power.  After twenty two years of running the fledgling nation with an iron fist, their leader has stepped down, leaving it to the ‘children’ of his new race to take up the reins and lead the others.

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