Time Line

Z-Day to +6 Months:

  1. The First Zombie
  2. TZC1, most of the Billions, Cruising, About a Woman Part 1, School is Out, Undead Advantage, Collapse
  3. Zombieboy (scrapped)
  4. TZC2
  5. TZC3
  6. About a Woman Part 2


+6 Months to 2 Years:

  1. Contender (in Collapse, so it's an oddball)
  2. Found (no longer published, scrapped [for now])


+2 years to +5 Years:

  1. Cayo Elina
  2. Found II (working title, on hold)


+5 to +10 Years:

  1. TZC4
  2. Undead Advantage II (in progress)


10+ years after z-day:

  1. Zombie Nation (in progress)


More information:

The TZC's are an ongoing story, the rest of the books fall outside of the main story arc, but are set in the same universe and the characters from all the books have a tendency to appear in others. (Dora is in TZC4, for instance and some of the minor characters from TZC2 are in About a Woman as zombies, having migrated south). I do not like to give up the characters and if they are still kicking about at the end of any book, the chances are good they will appear in another story at some point. This is especially true if someone happens to send me a question like "Whatever happened to X from chapter ## of <book>?" Then I'll start thinking of X and before you know it he/she will have their own book or be written into one I'm already working on.

I've included the scrapped, abandoned and redacted works just for completeness, some of them are still floating around.




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