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Well this week has seen a rise of the wordsmithing, something I am freaking thrilled about. laugh OOoh, I have access to smiley's! Danger!

I've decided to move back to an old favorite, Contender, and do that story some justice. Mostly because it feels right...I'm ready to get back to Hon; I've kept him on ice too long. I get a lot of email/comments about Contender too, it isn't like I don't think the story is finished 'as is', so much that I know there is more I could write about him. You know, I intended that to be a full book too, but cutting it off as a novella at 18 chapters worked at the time. Now I've had plenty of time to ponder all the various outcomes, to see those paths into the future, so to speak, and write the one down that I like best. Life imitates art here, yeah. Just call me Gus.

Sometimes the good guys die, sometimes the bad guys die, sometimes everyone dies, but sometimes they all live too, which seems to be how it works so often in 'real' life. At least when dealing with zombies the good guys can come back. I'm close to finishing up Cayo and I will then work on getting the weekly chapter written for Contender (until it is done) and devote the rest of my time to TZC4 and Fraser. I have high hopes of completing TZC4 in June and devoting myself to Fraser after that. Deadlines slip though and mine tend to do so more than other peoples as I am easily distracted when it comes to writing.





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