Cayo Elina 53

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The armored car exploded with something that went beyond satisfaction for Ambros. “Hey Elina! I got it!” The man yelled looking back over his shoulder. Along the storefront he saw the islanders moving forward, taking more chances now that the withering fire of the car’s machine guns we eliminated.

Elina was down. Ambros could see that, she was lying on her back in front of the roof access doorway which several of others were pouring fire into. The roof top suddenly became the focal point to an intense amount of gunfire and Ambros was pinned down as he sought to survive.

Near the doorway on the other roof Elina stayed as still as possible. For the moment no one was firing at her so she was waiting for a good time to try and move. As she lay there she felt her body knitting back together, the slithering feel of her insides pulling themselves back into place made her nauseas, but drawing attention to herself was not an option. She glanced at the officer leading the soldiers in the fight, he didn’t look any different from the other men, ‘No, wait, the armband…’ He had an armband on one arm, as he turned to fire his rifle she caught a glimpse of a bird or some other type of flying creature embroidered on it. ‘Something with a long nose.” As she had little else to do she studied the man. His equipment was better than that of the soldiers around him, his rifle sported a shorter barrel than that of men and when he fired it he didn’t flinch away from it like the others did. Getting another glimpse at his armband she saw it was a bug of some sort, a wasp she thought.

‘Great probably special forces.’With a lurch she convulsed as her body pulled itself together, she let out a low groan and saw the man’s eyes glance down at her. Elina rolled sideways as fast as she could and a spray of gunfire followed her movement, fortunately the man had a limited firing arc and her companions were still firing from the other rooftop keeping him pinned inside. Elina pulled herself around the side of the roof access door but stayed low, there were other soldiers up here and none of them looked too friendly. Glance about for a better place to hide Elina’s vision was drawn by a glimmer off to the west. It looked like someone had set up a couple of human shaped mirrors there for a second, but she lost the mirage as quickly as she had seen it.

‘What the hell was that?’Looking around she saw the red dot painted on the wall above her. ‘That can’t be good.’ To the northwest a missile arced upwards, splitting into several pieces as it went, following the trajectory with her eyes Elina got a sinking feeling in her stomach. ‘Sure, NOW Perry helps us. Oh fuck.’ Throwing caution to the wind she jumped up and ran back the way she had come, to her amazement she could run again, not as fast as before but still quick enough to make the leap to the other building. Wanda and Roberto were crouched along the edge of the building giving her cover fire.

“Run!” she yelled as she passed them.

Neither of them hesitated and they hit the street edge of the building the same time as Ambros. He yelled out in a too loud voice, “Elina! Missiles!”

“I know! We gotta get down!” She pointed at the street. By now the gunfire had dwindled to a trickle. Elina held one end of the makeshift rope and tossed the rest into the street below. “Go!” she urged Ambros, he went.

“How will you get down Elina?” His voice was lost as he half fell, have slide down to the street. Roberto and Wanda followed at Elina’s urging, but the rope gave away when they were halfway down, dropping them to the hard pavement below. They fell about a story and a half, Roberto a little farther, both survived the fall, but from way Roberto’s screamed he must have been injured. Looking down at them Elina contemplated her next move. The street facing of the building didn’t offer any protrusions or hand holds to help her descend. ‘This is going to be tricky.’

“I’ll hold it so you can go.” Came the voice from behind her, she turned to see Rafael, who had crawled over to the edge of the roof.

She offered him the end of the rope and nodded, eyes widening as the munitions came down on the building next to them. Grabbing the man’s wrists she lifted him up and tossed him off the roof, his fingers didn’t let go of hers and together they plummeted the three stories to the ground.

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