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Lately I've had a cold, a sucky-spring cold that sucks suckity-suck. This has dis-improved my mood somewhat and made me, shall we say, grumpy? Plus I've been spending a little extra time at the day job just trying to get the manure out of the stalls, shall we say. That has dis-improved my mood even more because pretty much all extra time at work comes out of the 'sleep' category and I need my 8 hours a night just to function. So when will I become 'gruntled' again? That is a distant light at the end of a long tunnel; I got no answers amigos.

To make matters worse, the alcohol has nigh run dry here and I've decided to suck up the lack until I get more fundage, as opposed to borrowing money from a helpful credit card company to meet my rum habit. Rains and pours my friends, rains and pours. Speaking of wetness, it's been raining all the time too. I enjoy the rain, but after four or five rainy days the grass grows about 12 feet high and the tigers move in, which makes visiting the vegetables dicey.

Not to be all downer I have still been managing to get to the gym each morning, where I struggle through the motions of 'jab-cross-hook-backslap-upper' as usual. And, while I haven't been writing much, I have been reading a ton. No zombie stuff; I'm fairly burnt out on zed-fiction right now. There is a ton of good stuff out there and I want to give it the attention it deserves when I'm in my happy place, so I'm reading old science fiction. Not stellar stuff, but good enough to pass the dazed hours and cut into my sleep. Oh and I've rediscovered steel cut oatmeal, good stuff made better by not cooking it at all, just pour it and some juice into a container before bed and voila! The stuff is ready for me in the morning when I get up at the crack of a rooster's crow.

I think I need to get some chickens, just a few egg layers, perhaps three or four to keep me in eggs. I'm a little leery of having them tie me down, like any other animal they require care and leaving them for prolonged periods while I go sojourning in Washington isn't really feasible. I know, that's what these things called 'Friends' are for, to look after the homestead while I'm out drinking with my buddies. I just don't like to be a burden on them. I've been striving to be more 'independent' of the 'system' in which we live. You know what I mean, have some food production going, perhaps some energy production, keep stocked up on supplies in case the zombies come, that sort of thing. On the other hand, I sure do like me some internet. If I were living in a cabin in the middle of Alaska, I doubt I'd have the google and youtube, but man would I have a helluva back yard! There are tracts of land still available in the lower states too, some of which undoubtedly butt up against national lands of some sort (BLM, please!), perhaps in a few years I'll look to those places and carve out a place of my own. Who needs the internet anyway? (I mean aside from making a living on it and all...)

These days I think I spend far too much time checking my email, checking facebook, checking twitter, looking at google maps, reading the news...I mean, seriously it's getting to be too big for my wee little mind. Facebook consumes a good portion of my internet experience on a daily basis and, ironically, some authors have been posting that they need to get off FB and get back to writing, something I can heartily agree with. Maybe there is a week without facebook in my near future? Probably not, but this post is all about dreaming, isn't it? I see no reason to break the tone now...

I've been reading my Joy of Cooking a bit more lately too. I have an old copy, one that tells me how to prepare raccoons and squirrel and other animals I have some hope of catching as they can be trapped. That book is excellent! I can see why the editors took out the game section, in our 'modern' time and all, but for me it is useful. It makes me feel like I'm adding to my knowledge, without actually having to gut an animal, soak it for three days to get rid of the musky taste and stew it. Mmmm...raccoon stew.

The time has come to put the washer pits back in. This will require a bit of work in the yard (after the mowing, whenever the weather breaks) but I miss playing the game. I took them out because I had the pads set up unevenly, with one downhill of the other and, worse, placed in such a way as to make it inevitable that the setting sun would blind you when you were throwing towards the western pit. This time I'm going for a more level, north-south configuration and I think I have the right place in the yard to put them. Time to dig out the rotor tiller and shovels, heck it's better than spending a day checking facebook, but maybe not as good as finishing off Cayo Elina.





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