Among the living dead

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I've thought about this a bit: What is the difference between how we live now and how we would live if the dead were up and running around eating people? Oh, I'll grant you that initially there would be panic and unnecessary death, but after the dust settled, what would change?

My current theory is we are living with the dead among us. We rush from place to place, we keep an eye on everything, searching for any threats to our safety, we lock our doors, lock our cars, don’t let our kids play outside unsupervised and still the zombies get through occasionally. Periodically there is another outbreak and many people die, the news calls these ‘rampages’ and gives us lists of wounded and dead and make us all glad that those sort of things don’t happen where we live…and we pull our children in closer, keep the curtains closed and grow slightly more isolated. Yet crime is lower now than it has been in twenty years. Go figure that one. We should feel safer, more willing to help strangers and less concerned about violent death and dismemberment.

As a whole I know this is a vast generalization and not everyone worries about the next attack, we just live our lives and read about the horrible things happening to other people. Still I am concerned, not about where we are, but about where we are going. Hope springs eternal and I am unwilling to give in to apathy and despair that this war on values can never be won, however it is difficult to make any progress when there is never a defined call to battle. I’d like things to be easy, like giving people freedom again and taking away their rights. But who would support that? And what, exactly, is a ‘freedom’ versus a ‘right’? After all, it isn’t called the ‘Bill of Freedoms’… <sigh> So many shades of gray and my crayon box only came with one (single colored) waxy stick to fill them all in with.

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