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Well I think I'll finish up TZC4 next week. I'm also closing in on the end of the latest round of Contender, pretty much going to stick with the 18 chapter stories for that one.  So aside from writing, what is new?

It is growing colder now, by what I mean it is actually nice to be outside again. I have to enjoy this month, one of two where being outside in Iowa doesn't require hydration or bundling up in layers of clothing. That's the price I pay for seasons... I think as I get older I will enjoy casting off that dependency and perhaps living in a coastal region somewhere or just travelling around like a vagabond when the cold weather sets in. I don't think I could live 'down south', to use the parlance of our times. Too many people. The coasts of the country suffer from the same drawback...what I need is a pleasant place without people. Hm...

We are hosting an exchange student from Japan this year. Masue Noto has joined us and so far we haven't given her much of a breather. I'm sure by now she is convinced Americans are insane because we are ALWAYS on the go. Well, not me, but the rest of the family. Picture this, me sitting at the kitchen table talking with three 15-17 year old girls and my wife. Now the camera pans back and you see the women speed up while I slowly, oh so slowly shake my head in slow motion. That pretty much describes my household. You'd see my daughters lean forward and give me a hug goodbye or wave hello as they enter the room at high speed, while my White Russian refills and empties, seemingly by itself next to my hand. I work long hours, a mere 8 at the day job plus a couple after that on writing, then throw in two hours of commuting and I'm gone 12 hours a day, and my life is still slower paced than the rest of my family. Not that I can't move fast over short distances when required (especially when family members are fainting), I just chose not to.

Saturdays in the fall are my favorite times to get out on the man deck and while away the night. I light up the kerosene lantern, fire up the grill and keep a wide variety of entertainment nearby to go with the stars and smell of slow decay. It's better than the spring, because the days seem warmer, they don't have the tinge of winter chill on them from the previous few weeks. I do a lot of reading on the deck, but still very little on zombies. These days it seems to be all role playing supplements and biographies. Or poetry. Yeah, yeah, poetry. I prefer my poets dead at least a hundred years, which doesn't much narrow the field down if you look into it. I am hoping to get another 3 Saturdays of shorts and t-shirts weather, but if I were a betting man I would say that is unlikely... This year I am really hoping to get slammed with snow. Not for me, but for Masue, she needs a lot of snowfall, where she lives they don't get much so she kind of wants to play in it too. I can see me writing in four months expressing my regret to the weather gods for fulfilling my wish.

In other news I've expanding my game table. It is now about 11 feet long and 43 inches wide for 9 feet, with the last two feet being 48 inches wide. I call that dogleg the Game Mastering Station. It is kind of nice being older and having a small amount of disposable income. The franken table hasn't been put to the test yet, but I have big plans for it when role-playing season starts. This table shouldn't be confused with the 'board game' table, which is round and more appropriate for games of that ilk. The board game table is a shadow of the one we had in Maine, one I shall pretty much forever regret leaving behind (they were five foot across and built like brick shit houses as they were for school children to use). I'm also working on a new dice tray to hold my dice above those of the common player, it includes a built in dice roller and two levels of trays. I think finishing that is going to burn out my dremel tool as I decided to build it out of a solid block of wood, however I deem this sacrifice well worth it. I got the block of wood from my axe block (you know, for throwing axes and knives into, everyone has one of these, right?) I tried to cut the thing apart with my chain saw, but, uh, my chain saw is rather unmanly and not up to the job. I ended up taking the huge block into sections using a cold chisel and a sledgehammer, lots of work to roll bits of plastic around on. Geeks, all ya have to know about us is that we won't hurt you and we can't run as fast as you in an apocalyptic situation. I’m not saying we’re good to have around, but having a slower than you acquaintance with zombies chasing you can’t be all bad.

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