Fall is lovely!

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Man, the months just seem to slip by these days. I’d like to say I’m well on my way to getting that third book this year finished, but, alas I’m not. These days I’ve been adding to the karma pool by helping out some elderly folks in my town get their business computers and software updated and, I admit, working my day job as well. Both were sucking up quantities of my time, almost to the point where I missed the start of the game season. By game season I mean old school dungeon trashing in Rappan Athuk with a party of four and a half seasoned adventurers. Yeah, I know football or other things could occupy my Sundays, but it just seems like such a bother to get all worked up about sports. Go Cardinals!

So the season has gotten underway, thanks mostly to a kickstarter project to reissue a mega dungeon using the Swords and Wizardry rule set, very old school and filled with awesomeness. I had to get my nerd on and design a complete character generator adventure to give the starter characters an edge in the game, any edge they can get won’t be enough. So far, so good. Anyway, back to Octobery zombie news.

Despite my profession to not getting much writing done I have accomplished a few things on that front. First TZC4 is finished. Completely, utterly finished. I have also finished writing Contender (this section anyway, it only goes to chapter 36 before the next section takes place) and I have gotten a decent head start on Hank and Juan II, which will resume on November 1st. Due to the content of the early chapters of H&J II I need to get TZC4 out the door into the web as quickly as I can and I’ve been dragging my feet on that. Lack of cash makes it difficult to get things done. Ugh, money sucks, but it buys such lovely, lovely things…

Cayo is out there now and despite my thoughts on the matter, it being a story not directly related to the core series, it seems to be selling okay. Perhaps I’ll be in the black in only six months as opposed to the year I thought it would take? That doesn’t include coffee expenses, of course, and I’m sure I will always be able to calculate my earnings in the ‘cents per hour’ range, but this is a labor of love. When the movie deal kicks in I’ll be set…I just hope that happens before I’m too old to enjoy beef ribs, scantily clad women and exotic trips to warm places filled with alcohol.

I’ve gotten a couple odd emails asking about Amelia and Tom, plus a post on the Facebook page, funny how those two come up. They kind of fell off the radar for me; in my head I know where they are and what they are doing, it’s been six years (story wise) and I keep hoping I will come up with a better story for them than what is playing on auto-reverse in my tape deck of a mind. These last few weeks I think I may have. My original thoughts were that Tom went to the front and died an ignoble death fighting in the siege of Milwaukee (with John, Bill’s son) and Amelia got stuck in a drafty farm house with a slew of orphans she couldn’t say ‘no’ to caring for. Eventually she became embroiled in a food rationing scandal from all the ration cards she was collecting on behalf of the children, ends up gaining 130 pounds and in front of a judge to sort things out. The news referred to her as the ‘Monster of Madrid for eating so much while the kids were losing weight. She had the best intentions, but things just got out of hand… I’m sure you’ll agree that those story lines leave a lot to be desired, so putting on my thinking cap I’ve come up with something else, I won’t spoil it by mentioning it here.

Website wise I need to get an alternative commenting system set up, probably a facebook login or somesuch, I just haven’t had time to implement it. I was getting slammed with dozens of fake account requests a day so I shut off the ‘request for account’ functionality, sorry to those of you who are locked out. I can set up your account manually if you contact me using the form on this website.

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