Aaaaaand I'm off!

zombieman's picture

I don't seem to get as many vacations now as I remember having when I was a kid. Times have changed and when I have the opportunity to get away I will usually mull it over until the opportunity disappears, but Ross Lake keeps calling me back. Friends, wine, water, woods, NO internet, NO cell phone. I like the contrast with my constantly connected, checking facebook at every alert, looking at sales, writing, texting, fixing code, life I live every day. I doubt there will be more bears this year, but if there are, I'll post pictures, assuming my wife snaps a few. I'm leaving the camera at home this year, I got enough stuff to fill a backpack and that's all I need. So for this week the man deck is a barge on a lake right up near Canada and 'man deck night' extends, oh, about five days. Who could ask for anything more?

Until I get back take care of yourself and may you never become a zombie.


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