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Well, I'm back from Ross Lake, here is a photo of where I had the privilege to live for a little while:

Ross Lake Cabins


It was cooler this year than it has been in the past and it did rain a lot, so much so that when you see dock hands scampering about on wet logs you might not want to emulate them. There was absolutely no alcohol involved in my fall into the lake, it was pure lack of common sense, the scene of my error in judgement:

Log o Doom

That log on the right there, that's the one I thought it would be a good idea to walk on. I made it about 2 feet before sliding off between the log and the dock. Fortunately a nice guy named Blake was there to fish me out of the drink and mostly only my pride was hurt.

A few days later I was down on the sunny coast enjoying a stroll to Bellingham and snapped this profile pic:

  Mister Hairy  

The hair, the "Beard", it's all gone now, like dust in the wind. I've gone naked face for the time being, which has freaked out my friends and family, especially the wee little kids.


I've been back a little over a week now and I'm deep into National Novel Writers Month, about 18+ thousand words into it, so I'm on track. Over 8 days I've managed to write more than 20 thousand words (I gotta keep the weekly web update going, in addition to the novel writing) AND I also went through TZC4 to week out the worst of the problems there. I so want to just push TZC4 up and get it out of my (lack of) hair, but I'm trying to resist that urge and get it whacked with some other editing eyes. The new novel is new and it's not zombies, I'm taking a little break from those for a novel and flirting with science fiction. I mean if you had to choose a lucrative genre to write in, sci-fi is the genre to pick, right? Oh? No? No. I love it, some few others love it, but it's not a lucrative sort of deal, plus mine is soft. (Sci-Fi that is, this isn't a discussion on erectile dysfunction). Soft Sci-fi is just fantasy with guns, I'm telling a story, not resolving how we'll get to the stars in a believable manner. I suppose if the book is well received I will write more in the line, otherwise it may take some time to get my resolve up to dive into it again.

There is also this little Fraser thing to resolve too. December? Hopefully. My day job is shifting offices, the new lease is at a place 15 miles closer to my house. Fifteen miles and 30 minutes closer in the morning, 15 miles and 20 minutes closer at night, that's a time savings that I am sure will average 50 minutes each and every day I go to work. I'm thrilled! There is a strong possibility I will be writing a lot more in the months to come.






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