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Not all change is bad. Unfortunately not all change is good either. Our elections are over and some people won and some people lost. (I lost, but so far we haven't had any Libertarian Presidents, so it wasn't much of a shock to me, nor am I terribly upset by the way things worked out; I was pretty sure I wasn't going to see Gary Johnson in the White House.) This fall it seems like there have been the usual mixed bag of changes for my friends and family. If anything my friends and family are getting the short end of the stick and I'm getting the long end of it.

First my job is moving its offices about twelve miles closer to my house. The twelve horrible, traffic congested miles. AND the offices are much, much nicer. So not only do I gain about 30 mintues of time each day, but I will be working in a nicer place too. The friggin' kitchen at work is nicer than my own and I built my own kitchen. Damnit. Two giant refridgerators, two microwaves, dishwasher, tons of nice wood finished cupboards. If there was a shower I would build in a bunk bed and live there. You know, I didn't check the lavatory facilities; maybe there is a shower in there? I got my key today and I'll be moving over the week after Thanksgiving, yay!

Second change, writing is going much better lately than it had been most of the summer. I know, I know I finished two books in late summer, that's not bad, but for pure word count, I'm doing well lately. Most of it is due to that insanity called "NaNoWriMo", but in addition to that I still have my other projects to contend with too. Lately all I seem to be able to think about is Hank and Juan and TZC5. The Immortals story is what I'm working on for nanowrimo, and it is about 24 thousand words, but even as I'm writing on it sometimes I have to switch over for a few minuts and pull up a file to make some notes for the others. Perhaps I just work better when I have many irons in the fire.

Third, I met a guy. No, not like that. This guy is an editorial director outside the genre, his name is Phil Burgess and he is looking over TZC4 for me, so I can get it out with the least amount of errors and most amount of verbiage correctness. You can check out some of his work here: The National Hot Rod Association Website Fast cars and good people, what's not to like?

Fourth, ugh, this numbering thing is getting old, let's just switch to regular blog mode, okay?

My wife is gone, leaving me with one less woman in the house, so I'm only outnumbered 3 to 1. This might not seem like a 'good change', but I kinda do enjoy just being around them alone, the dynamics change a bit and there is less tension. Hm, you would think that my wife and I don't get along or something, we do, so long as she stays on her floor and I stay on mine. I think having just one 'authority figure' around just makes things easier for everyone, something I will try to get my wife to subscribe to when she gets back; I should be the authority figure and she should just defer to me in all things. I'll let you know how she takes that news.

Money wise things are still a little craptastic, the pay cut from taking the new job hasn't been overcome yet and the book sales while much stronger than last year, are not generating the same capital, mainly because I've lowered the price point for entry to .99 cents on the first book in the series. This means I earn about a quarter on each sale of TZC1, the other books are higher prices and profit generating, but I think the dream of doing this full time is going to have to wait another couple of years. Also I think I've done myself a disservice by not threading the books together more closely. There is a core series, TZC1-4 and the other books are all related to it peripherally. I don't feel right pulling in the side books now, after the fact. i.e.- renaming them into TZC1-TZC10, but I need to do a better job of explaining their relationship. To that end I think I will put in a 'recommended reading order' in each of the books as I release them from now on. I did add this to the website a while back under resources (, which, hey, I should probably push to the front now and again, eh?

Other miscellaneous stuff, I might be adding another male to the household, that is big news for me, not a baby, but my nephew may come stay with us, which would be cool. Teen agers though…I don’t have a good track record with them. Ah, well, I’m too preoccupied these days to make having disagreements a real possibility. Thanksgiving is going to be a crowded affair this year, we’ll have many guests, a tassel of kids and I’m going to try grilling a capon for extra meat for the crowd. I’m going to brine it first too. 31 pounds of meat…it might not be enough. We may skip out on Black Friday this year, we don’t really NEED anything and the stuff I want is better picked up on Cyber Monday anyway.






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