Which order should you read the books in?

This gets asked enough so I've decided to post a sort of timeline here. All the books are inter-related (or will be), but most are stand alone as well.

  1. Collapse - Really just the first story or catch it online here: The First Zombie
  2. TZC1:Outbreak
  3. TZC2: Discovery
  4. TZC3: Ascension
  5. Undead Advantage, these characters will reappear in UA II and TZC5.
  6. About a Woman, these characters reappear pretty heavily in TZC4.
  7. Cayo Elina, these characters reappear in TZC5/6.
  8. TZC4: Emergence.
  9. Undead Advantage II, Writing in process.
  10. TZC5: Peregrination, Future project.
  11. TZC6: Resolution, Future project.

"Billions" is a set of short stories within the Zombie Chronicles Universe, but is not related (directly) to the main core of books.


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