Chapter 34

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“How is our empire building going today?” asked Aubrey to Harry.

“About as planned, Ramey has the group out west under control, another couple of days and we can attack.”

The two of them were alone in a windowless conference room, which was lined in ornate wood paneling made from Honduran Mahogany. Aubrey had left a guard outside to make sure they were not disturbed.

“Father would be pleased,” she said.

Harry snorted and looked away, “What can we do about Sentry?”

“Careful.” Aubrey warned.

He waved his hands dismissively, “I don't think even his mind can be everywhere at once. He has the whole world to attend to, this is a limited risk.”

Aubrey nodded but looked wary, “Nothing. We can't do anything. He is like an old Aztec god, bloodthirsty and powerful, only this deity actually gains more power as humans are sacrificed to him.”

Harry nodded and sat down along one side of the table, “It makes you wonder if this is the first time, doesn't it?”

“I've thought about that. I think Sentry must have modified an already existing mutation, one that wasn't so virulent, it would explain half of our myths and quite a few of the old gods. He did something...but what?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Harry said, “With him, we will probably never know. He's got us good doesn't he? It makes me wonder if he planned it this way or just got lucky.” Harry was talking about the hierarchy of blood, earlier made zombies could control zombies they made and zombies their own zombies made, but Sentry had not made just one 'child' he had made many, so the various branches of children had less control over their nieces and nephews than their own child.

Aubrey moved around to the head of the table and sat herself down. “Like you said, we will probably never know. How are the troops in Chicago doing?”

“We've mopped up most of the sniper teams that were inserted yesterday, there may still be a couple around, but I bet by mid morning we will have them taken care of. There haven't been any more missile or artillery attacks in the last twelve hours, so my bet is that we got them all.”

“No more fly byes either. I guess they learned that we have the anti-aircraft batteries well manned. That was a good move, by the way, raising the dead soldiers up to man the battery. “

Harry nodded his head slightly.

“Do we have a count on how many of our people are still in Chicago?”

“Oh, there are a hundred thousand or so left wandering around here for security. The place is empty compared to how many people used to be here. I sent all the zombies towards Iowa. You know, this shows that Sentry is not infallible, he missed the whole state.”

“There aren't that many people there. He missed Wyoming too.”

“That was planned.”

“So was this. They've reacted faster than we expected, but we will get there. What about Emma?”

“Ella.” Harry corrected, “She is....well, in the vernacular, 'super.'”

Aubrey's head came around to stare at Harry intently. “I can't sense her anymore.”

“Me either, she only stays here from loyalty now.”

“After she killed that guy, took his soul, essence, whatever you want to call it, she seemed very different.”

“She still is. Faster, stronger, tougher. I think she can even move our lesser children around now. I caught her doing it when I went to have breakfast with her this morning.”

Aubrey raised one eyebrow questioningly.

Harry nodded, “Yeah another soldier we caught alive, I ate, she....absorbed. Then she had eggs and bacon and we had sex for forty-five minutes.”

“My, my, aren't you quite the stud.”

“It doesn't work the same anymore, I don't cum like a school boy seeing his first real tit. In fact, the whole experience is rather boring. Her excitement is more compelling than the act itself. Have you tried it?”

“Ew, no. I don't plan to.”

“See? What makes you think it is better for me?”

“But Ella got off?”

“Multiple times.” Harry said, nodding, “Like a beast, she about took my head off during our 'energetic' coupling. I am not sure what to make of her.”

“We watch her close and if we need too, she dies.”

Again Harry nodded his head, “Like we planned, I have no real attachment to her. What is our point to doing this to her?”

“Concern? Compassion for the living? Is that what I am hearing?”

“No. Just curiosity.”

“We can't get rid of Sentry ourselves can we? But we can't see Ella anymore can we? And she is faster and stronger and has more endurance than a mere human, correct?”


“So connect the dots. If she is loyal to us, that is fine, we use her, if she threatens us we find a new human to use. Anything else?”

“No, nothing I can think of.” Harry said, getting up to leave.

“Have a good day, let me know if you find any more soldiers lurking about.”

As he left Aubrey thought back on their conversation, thinking first about using Ella as a weapon to take out Sentry, deciding if one subordinate could come up with that plan, so could another, all the supers left in Chicago would have to be watched more closely. She concentrated and could sense the location of all of the zombies in Chicago, there were too many to get a handle on, a hundred thousand slow, sluggish minds to sort through and a few hundred super zombies with more rational thoughts as well. Sighing she let them go and thought about the first part of the discussion, if Sentry could miss things, so could they.